CS 422 Group Work 1

By: Sriram Rajaram, Talab Omar, Jacob Abraham, Brandon Davis, Sherzod Muminov

In our opinion, the most important thing in home appliances of this kind, is simplicity of use. To do that, we first got rid of all unnecessary writings. For example, we got rid of the statement about rotating knob past 10 and then setting it to desired time. We couldn't find any logical reason why such functionality have been implemented. So, our new design doesn't have this functionality, and, obviously, we don't need this writing anymore.

Moreover, writings are in English and French, and temperature is in Celsius and Fahrenheit. If this product was produced for Canadian users, then language writings is ok, but what is the use of the Fahrenheit metric? For US users, why French and Celsius? For rest of the world, why Fahrenheit? Inconsistency. We assumed that this product is for US users, and got rid of the Celcius degree and French notations. Secondly, on the temperature knob, we mapped some processes that are desirable to be prepared at that particular temperature scale. Namely: Toasting, Defrost, Pizza and Broiling. On the Time knob, we have mapped some time periods, and toasting degrees, because only toasting is more or less predictable in terms of timing. Defrost, Pizza and Broiling mostly depend on the different types of food/items. Lastly, to make our product somewhat different from others in the market, we have implemented the ability to lock the door when food is being prepared. This is located on the glass door next to the handle to open the door. This may interest potential customers as an extra security level.